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Winter prep can be fun, colder weather doesn’t have to mean dreary weather! Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of soup on the stove or snuggling up in a thick blanket with a steaming cup of tea? Sounds like winter time bliss!

Now is the time to gear up for the colder months. Colder weather means your body will be working overtime to keep you warm, thus your immune system will become vulnerable to colds and flu. So, if you’re planning on keeping the sniffles at bay this winter, be sure to read on:

  • Vitamin C

Oranges, lemons and apples are all packed with Vitamin C, an essential immune-boosting vitamin that will keep you ready to face even the harshest of cold and flu seasons! Be sure to stock up on oranges this winter and pack a few slices for lunch or a midday snack.

Winter Pro Tip: Boil water, add a squeeze of lemon and fresh, grated ginger with a teaspoon of raw honey, drink twice daily. Your immune system will thank you.

  • Keep Hydrated

When the cooler weather starts settling in, it may be a bit difficult to keep track of your water intake as we opt for warm beverages like tea and coffee over drinking water. Nevertheless, your body needs to keep hydrated to flush out toxins , to regulate your body temperature and of course, to keep your immune system in check.

Winter Pro Tip: Opt for warm or room temperature water in a flask (instead of ice cold water) to drink throughout the day. Also, begin and end each day with a warm mug of water. That’s two glasses, out of eight, down!

  • Soup, glorious soup!

Is there anything more glorious than a thick, vegetable-packed mug of soup? Highly doubt there is. A pot of soup’s greatest feature is the amount veggies and herbs(that are no doubt great for your tummy and your immune system) that can can be plopped right in with all the other delicious ingredients. Winter time means bouts of overeating as your body is using up a lot of energy ( that it gets from the food you eat) to keep you warm and to keep you flu-free.

Winter Pro Tip: Instead of snacking on junk food when you’re feeling peckish, why not do some food prep over the weekend and make a large pot of hearty vegetable soup that can be stored in the freezer and warmed up through out the week. The soup will keep you warm, healthy and satisfied!

Winter time can be a fun and refreshing season if you’re proactive rather than reactive when it comes to dealing with colds and flu. With just a few helpful tips and lifestyle adjustments you can learn to enjoy the cold without the coughs and sniffles!

-To Healthy & Happy Living!


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