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Autumn Wellness Guide

A new season does not only mean colder weather, but a completely new cycle for the natural world, human beings included. Autumn is often perceived as the season of fading life and the eventual death of the natural world for winter.

This Autumn BodiCafé chooses to celebrate the love of LIFE. And how better to truly love your life than to love and treat your body well?
Environmental factors have a direct impact on our health and if we are to ward off bad elements in our environment, we should fortify our bodies with the means to do so.

For the month of March, we want to share a few tips on how to build and sustain wellness through the colder seasons whilst loving a healthy lifestyle.

1. Less Consumption, More Nourishment…
We are often told that food is simply fuel for the body. If that were entirely true then we could equate a human being to a vehicle. Just put the right fuel in and it’s good to go! Right? Wrong!
HOW and WHY you fuel your body is essential in how we assimilate nutrients to every organ in our system. Studies have shown that even the healthiest of food eaten under stressful conditions (when the body’s cortisol levels are high) has caused digestive distress in the body. More oftentimes than not you can feel it too! A healthy meal must be eaten in the right state of mind and in the right amount to nourish the system.
Don’t rush your meals or practice consuming any and everything when you’re cold, bored, or upset. Allow your body to work through what you’re feeling. When you have a quiet moment set aside time to nourish and fuel your body in the right way.

2. Learn the Ways in which YOU Love to Move!

Exercise is for all but not every form of exercise suits everyone. For some, running is ideal whilst for others a light walk and stretching do the trick. The one-size-fits-all approach may work initially when starting your fitness journey. Any movement is good movement.

However, as you build a stronger body you build a stronger inclination to what it really needs to feel strong and healthy. Some movements may be too intense for you whilst you breeze through others. No need to feel less capable or unfit. Meet your body where your fitness level is at. Don’t push beyond your limits to match up with anyone.

The only body you have to compare yourself to is the one you are in.
Make movement joyful and fun by customising your exercise to movements you actually enjoy!

3. Give
What is the point of being healthy and enjoying the vitality of life if it is not shared with others? We are naturally social beings. Even the global economy itself depends on a constant flow of give and take. The greatest fulfillment is not only being healthy. It is being healthy enough to contribute to and renew the life of another person. Monetary donations are great, but money is not the only thing we can give.
Give of your time, knowledge, and talents and sometimes just a listening ear will do. Give to as many people as often as you can.

Just a five-minute chat with a stranger can not only change their day but change you a little too. So, make that change today!

4. Get Offline & Outside Often

Someone once said, “We’re unhappy because we’re always happy,”. How true! When we enjoy something, our central nervous system is stimulated and receptors in our brains secrete one of the happy hormones identified as dopamine.

Modern media has been structured to expose our nervous systems to a constant flow of stimulation, to boost our productivity, and always have an on-the-go restless energy.
This is often done through subtle mediums such as radio, shopping centre music, television, Tik Tok videos, Instagram reels, and tweets on our feed.

We are so exposed to so many streams of dopamine stimulators that our receptors tend to be firing all day long. Some may think well that’s a good thing. You see the problem is, dopamine only wants more dopamine.
Unfortunately, the body cannot sustain such a constant high as this without draining itself eventually.

This is why conditions such as burnout, fatigue and extreme exhaustion have become increasingly prevalent in recent times. Essentially, we are exhausted with artificial happiness.

Give your nervous system a rest by disconnecting from the artificial to connect with the real. Set aside time to find peace in nature with friends & family or quiet time with a book. A healthy balance can make all the difference.

5. Embrace Rest
Autumn is a season in which nature is preparing to rest for the winter ahead. The falling leaves indicate nature becoming inert to preserve their seedlings and recuperate during the winter.
We should take a page out of nature’s book in this regard. We are constantly busy, and it takes its toll on us mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As the days get shorter, we should adjust our sleep schedules accordingly. We should wind down our days as the sun goes down.

As far as possible, try not to cram too much into your day, prioritise that which is important and schedule anything else for the next day. Spoil yourself with quality sleep during this change of season.

We hope these few tips will help you and your family stay healthy and happy this autumn. Enjoy the balmy afternoons and crisp mornings and take time to embrace the joys and wonders of nature’s changing colours. Most importantly, take time to be mindful of the earth and how it nourishes us as we take care of it.

At BodiCafé the love of wellness and making it accessible to ALL is what drives us. It is why we do what we do.

Wellness is more than just food. It is a holistic lifestyle aimed at treating everything we absorb (from food to the content we watch, and the TV shows we enjoy) with the utmost consideration for our holistic health first.

BodiCafé aims to provide simple yet healthy lifestyle products, along with sharing informative lifestyle advice to demonstrate just how simple and exciting a healthy lifestyle can be.

Because we believe that everybody deserves to love living LIFE.
Happy Autumn!

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