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Malt Extract: An Age-Old Super-Food

Malt extract, a derivative of the barley grain, has been used for centuries as a rich source of vitamins and minerals. This inexpensive super-food has been a household favourite to boost immune systems.

You may be wondering, well isn’t malt the stuff they use for brewing? You’re right! However barley, the grain, is only suitable for brewing once it has sprouted or malted. The liquid malt-extract-making process is one that consists of malted barley, water and high temperatures to make the thick, golden , nutrient-filled liquid.

Here are some of the great health benefits of this liquid supplement:

  1. Bone Strength: Malt extract is enriched with vitamin D which is crucial to bone health. Its mineral content of: magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium, is vital for strengthening bones.

  2. Enriches Blood: Iron is an essential mineral in maintaining the body’s blood system. The concentration of iron in malt extract renders it a beneficial source for blood support.

  3. Skin and Vision: Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin), found in malt extract, assists with maintaining healthy skin and good vision.

  4. High in antioxidants: according to research, malt extract is packed with more antioxidants than most sugars (including white sugar and corn syrup). Antioxidants are needed by the body to eradicate cell-destroying agents in the body.

  5. Energy Booster: Malt extract has a high vitamin B content, which stimulates energy levels. These B-vitamins assist in providing the body with satiety and sustained energy.

Malt extract presents a variety of health and immunity-boosting properties. Moderation is key when it comes to this food supplement, given its high caloric content. Malt is best used as a ‘once in a while’ energy booster or sweetener. Remember, all things in moderation for a truly holistic health experience.


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